Welcome To Fourways Car Security & Sound

Who We Are

Fourways Car Security was Established in 2002. We started out by servicing our Dealerships & assisting the Sales Executives in offering their clients the best service in after Market Products.
Progressively our walk-in client became familiar with our Name & location and become regular clients. We go the extra mile in offering our clients the convenience of a mobile team to assist where needed to expedite our jobs with pride, Our staff Is highly trained and Motivated by a quality controller .
We’re Blessed and Grateful for all our loyal supporters and relationships we’ve created over the years.

Who Are Fourways Car Sound & Security

Our Mission

  • Through our co-operative management approach we will stimulate growth.
  • We strive to provide service excellence.
  • We strive to build professional, long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We strive to provide the fastest turnaround times with effective problem solving.
  • Provide our clientele with the most reliability, efficiency and quality services.
  • We are a BEE registered company
We supply only the finest quality products and offer superior workmanship. Each job we deliver we are passionate about.

Our Crazy Skills

Car Sound 90
Car Security & Tracking 95
Other Custom Car Fitments 85

Meet Our Team

Alinda KeyterDirector
(Our Supportive Listener)
ValQuery Solver & Customer Liaison Manager
(Our Loving Mom )
Nick SpencerSales Director
(Our Charming Negotiator)
RonelBookkeeper & Accounts Manager
(Our extroverted Tattoo Queen)
GarethWorkshop & Sales Manager
(Our Technical Guru)
BonganiCostumer facing & Security Accounts Manager
(Our office Angle of Prayers)