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Designed primarily as a theft recovery device the MX1 does not provide any early warning functionality and the activation of a recovery process following a theft, entitles a telephone call to Matrix’s Control Centre. The MX1 may be the entry-level model in the matrix offering, but it still leaps and bounds ahead of its industry equivalent.

While having all the benefits and advantages of the MX1 system, the MX2 has many more features, not least of which is it’s early-warning functionality. This means that if your car is stolen matrix will probably know about it before you do and will automatically begin the search and recovery process. An optional feature is a panic button, which allows you to transmit a silent distress signal to matrix at the press of a button.

Imagine the MX2 on steroids. Now you’re getting close to what the MX3 is to vehicle tracking, not to be messed with. The MX3 is not only our most advanced tracking system, it is also the country’s benchmark in tracking. MX3 is equipped with an impact sensor which will instantly trigger an alarm in the event of an accident. This alarm will send matrix an alert with your GPS coordinates, enabling matrix to pinpoint you quickly and easily.

  • Beam-e is the smartest, mobile recovery system on the market.
  • It’s smaller, simpler and so much more affordable.
  • It’s wireless and runs on batteries.
  • It’s totally mobile and fits easily into any of your vehicles.

There’s nowhere in South Africa Beam-e won’t go to keep your vehicle safe



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Skylink Tracking Installer

We offer Skylink Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management.

GHT units are high-alert devices that are necessary for the headlining function of all monitoring and tracking services. These units are designed to deliver optimum results in data transmission and safety, ensuring peak quality check and controls of fleets. Features & Benefits:

  • –  Track-n-trace management
  • – Fleet management
  • –  Satellite positioning (GPS / GPRS)
  • –  On-demand positioning – 24/7 help desk
  • –  24/7 recovery and alert support – Data logger
  • –  Fuel-costings
  • –  Smart roaming mode
  • –  Emergency services
  • –  Geo-Fence management and Alert
  • – Vehicle alarm system

Careless driving and vehicle accidents are a harsh reality on a company’s bottom line. Choosing SKY Driver is your simple installation solution to long-term driver behaviour control and cost savings. Speeding, swerving, drifting, harsh braking and sharp cornering become a thing of the past, with the SKY DRIVER’S no-nonsense quality promise:

Features & Benefits:

  • –  Easy installation
  • –  GPS tracking
  • –  Driver ratings and certification
  • –  3 level behavior identification:1) Normal 2) aggressive 3) dangerous
  • –  Black Box data feed (accident identification)
  • –  Accident Snap Shot Reconstruction
  • –  Real time Driver Audio Feedback in cab
  • –  Post driver rating and analysis(Error Reports; Location reports; Trip duration)

Who, What, When and How are the common realities of driver management control.

Obtaining the right answers to these questions is the biggest industry challenge for most Fleet Managers. With SKY ID, drivers are tagged individually, regardless of the size of the fleet, making an honest return out of driving performance and accident claims. With SKY ID, you are guaranteed the right answers at the right time.

Features & Benefits:

  • –  Driver ID Codes
  • –  Allocating Traffic Fines
  • –  Overtime Management
  • –  Linking Driver behaviour to vehicle type

Using advanced technology solutions, SKY CAN has ability to investigate the intricacies of driver behavior through its back-end, vehicle-reading device. SKY CAN is a CANBus data communication unit that monitors and reports on real-time driver performance, through precise odometer readings and engine parameters. Features & Benefits:

  • –  Odometer readings
  • –  Break Application
  • –  Accelerator Position
  • –  Engine Temperature
  • –  Fuel Used



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